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Into the Karoo | Style Inspiration Moodboard

I’m off to my favourite Western Cape reserve this weekend – Sanbona Private Game Reserve – for a MUCH-ANTICIPATED time of being with good friends, eating great food, drinking red wine and hanging out under the Karoo stars – my favourite.

What I love about being out in the Karoo is the incredible sense of space; the sky is bigger here (I can imagine Montana similarly), and the horizons blur out in the distance. The quaint farmhouses dot the desert scrub and herds of sheep skitter along the slopes; it’s farmland out here, and it’s so peaceful.

I’ve always loved visiting Karoo farmhouses or side-of-the-road farmstalls, as there’s always something to look at, buy or get interested in, as well as fascinating people to talk to. One of the things I enjoy the most is the style of a farmhouse; I always say I want a Karoo kitchen, and hopefully one day I can make that happen!

From white-washed walls to simple ceramics, wooden floors and textured  pieces of furniture, the style is always unique and custom-made. I’ve put together a Karoo moodboard today – just for a little bit of inspiration on an entire style of living… for more great Karoo pics, check out this great Pinterest board.

Karoo Home Inspiration

Karoo Decor Inspiration | South African Homes

Recently my husband and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary, spending a weekend out at Sanbona Private Game Reserve in the Western Cape, just off the pretty R62. The feeling I get – I don’t know how many of you can relate – of being in the bush, is one of total unwinding, relaxing and soul-refreshing! Ah, yes, particularly the Karoo!

This amazing interior, a desert landscape where only the hardy survive; farmers tend the dry land, caracals and jackals exist on the periphery, hardened sheep make due with scrub… it is also a place of unmistaken beauty – endless landscapes, BIG blue skies, outcrops that surge out of the earth, sudden farm cottages sprung up like havens…

This post on The Good Girls Guide is dedicated to the inspiration of the Karoo in South African homes – I love the decor, the feel of the country desert experience, the restful effect it has on my soul. Be inspired and come visit!  🙂

Simple Intrigue Stationery

Simple Intrigue Stationery | source here.

Private Karoo Suite

Private Karoo Suite | source here.

Deep in the Klein Karoo

Deep in the Klein Karoo | source here.

Sanbona - Dwyka Tented Camp

Sanbona – Dwyka Tented Camp | source here.

Karoo Wedding Decor

Karoo Wedding Decor | source here.

South African Farm Wedding

South African Farm Wedding | source here.

Karoo Dream View

Karoo Dream View | source here.

Classic Klein Karoo Landscape

Classic Klein Karoo Landscape | source here.

Country FreshFarm Kitchen

Country Fresh | source here.

Incredible Desert Views

Incredible Desert Views | source here.