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Succulents & Cacti – Rad Ideas for Your Own Indoor Gardens

One of the things I’m most excited about when it comes to moving into our new home (NEXT MONTH!) is that we have a garden that is essentially ‘bare bones’. It’s got great grass, a few beds, some plants and one or two trees – but most of all, a lot of opportunity to put our own personal stamp on things.

I’m very into indigenous plants, particularly fynbos and wildflowers, however one thing I also really like is succulents and cacti. Not to go overboard or anything, but an indoor or outdoor garden of succulents is a pretty cool thing – very low maintenance and can look really great. Instead of showing a huge cacti garden though, I’ve decided to show a couple of great ideas that you can do on your own with a sandbox, pot, crate or anything you can line with black plastic and then fill with gravel, stones and soil.

For some cool ideas – check out this post on how to plant a cactus container garden – featuring cute plastic cowboys and Indians – and how to create a desert bowl – really pretty way of arranging your cacti in one dish. If you’ve got some cool ideas to share on gardening or creating cute ‘mini’ gardens, please share! Have a super Monday Good Girls (and boys) x

Cactus in a Cup

Cactus in a Cup | source VivaTerra

Pot of Succulents

Pot of Succulents | source Pinterest

Pretty Plants in the Bathroom

Pretty Plants in the Bathroom | source

Cowboys & Indians

Cowboys & Indians | source Pure Inspiration

Cactus Garden in Blue & Green

Cactus Garden in Blue & Green | source W5Ran

A Cactus Collection

A Cactus Collection | source The Brick House

Handmade Pottery Cactus Garden

Handmade Pottery Cactus Garden | source Pinterest

Pretty Patios | Relax & Entertain Outdoors

For many years my family patio was used mostly in Summer – lunches out under the bouganvillea, sleeping on an old mattress in the dappled shade, decorating the overhang with lights for Christmas… since my mom re-did our patio by adding a perspex roof (bringing in the light, but not the rain) and building a braai area – we are now using it ALL year round!

A good patio that is welcoming and attractive, is a space that is great to relax in, entertain in, eat, drink & be merry in, and to think and dream in! Today’s post on The Good Girls Guide is all about Pretty Patios – whether small courtyards, or sprawling kitchen door yards, rooftop gardens or glamorous party spaces.  Decorate with revamped chairs, installations on the walls, pot plants, refurbished benches, vintage pieces or a birdbath. Be inspired!

In An Italian Garden

In An Italian Garden | source Tumblr

Outside the Kitchen Door

Outside the Kitchen Door | source Pinterest

An Entertainers Dream Under Lights

An Entertainers Dream Under Lights | Source Pinterest

A Party on the Deck

A Party on the Deck | source Pinterest

A Gorgeous Pink Celebration - Outdoors!

A Gorgeous Pink Celebration – Outdoors! | source here

Courtyard Patio

Courtyard Patio | source

Small Space, Great Place

Small Space, Great Place | source Casa e Jardim

Love on the Roof

Love on the Roof | source Pinterest

Gorgeous Green Gardens | For the Greenfingers in You

When I think of gorgeous rooftop gardens, i think immediately of that scene at the end of Just Like Heaven, when Reese Witherspoon walks out onto the most incredible rooftop garden I have ever seen. That changed my perception of how a garden should be, and really opened my eyes to the creativity and possibilities of creating that perfect garden space (even if it’s only 10m by 10m!)

Gardens for me have always been about grass, flowerbeds and a few trees (preferably Oak) dotting the lawn. But having seen such inspiration in Garden and Home and House & Living and those sorts of magazines, as well as various shows on the Home Channel – it’s clear that paving, stonework, indigenous and making the most of spaces can create the MOST amazing gardens ever!

So this Sunday post on The Good Girls Guide (while it’s all cold and windy and horrible outside in Cape Town today) is dedicated to beautiful green, summery gardens. Enjoy 🙂

Beatrix Potter's Garden

Beatrix Potter’s Garden | source here.

A Garden Behind the Shed

A Garden Behind the Shed | source here.

Rooftop City Garden

Rooftop City Garden | source here.

Whimsical Garden Dreaming

Whimsical Garden Dreaming | source here.

A Garden Bridge into Secrets

A Garden Bridge into Secrets | source here.

A Garden Tapestry

A Garden Tapestry | source here.

Afternoon Garden Hideaway

Afternoon Garden Hideaway | source here.