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For the Love of Furniture Refurbishment – DIY Inspiration

My mom has always inspired me with her creativity, refurbishment ideas and ability to turn something pretty average into something quite amazing! Recently she redid our entire kitchen – by building three stand-alone kitchen cabinets that look out of this world amazing. Picture vintage cream and green cupboards, worn-look furniture, slate grey tiles and lots of character 🙂

My husband and I have been inspired to bring on the DIY vibe into our own home – building an entire wall cabinet/bookshelf that now houses our entire book & CD & DVD collection as well as a brand-spanking new flat screen – the joy of my husband particularly when he can watch rugby games in hi-def! Plus we also refurbished an old chest of drawers from yellow pine into a cream and dark topped set with crystal handles – looks awesome!

SO, today’s post on The Good Girls Guide is all about furniture refurbishment – turning average into amazing, being bold with colours, ideas and textures and really puting effort into creating something that is entirely authentic, original and your own. Be inspired and be sure to share you DIY tips or inspirations 🙂

Refurbished Vintage Chair

Refurbished Vintage Chair | source here.

1970s Cabinet Redone

1970s Cabinet Redone | source here.

Brand New Door Knob

Brand New Door Knob | source here.

Refurbished Window Frame into Art

Refurbished Window Frame into Art | source here.

Cute Blue Cabinet

Cute Blue Cabinet | source here.

New Look Caravan/Trailer

New Look Caravan/Trailer | source here.

Wooden Stairs Redone

Wooden Stairs Redone | source here.

Pink-Legged Rustic Chair

Pink-Legged Rustic Chair | source here.

I Love You! Wardrobe Makeover

I Love You! Wardrobe Makeover | source here.

The Original Russian Doll Redone

The Original Russian Doll Redone | source here.

Yellow & Green DIY Goodness | Something for Home

I’ve been searching for great new ideas on Pinterest and slowly started accumulating a collection of amazing DIY ideas – for some reason, they were all yellow and green! And this is how this little blog post was born…

Since The Good Girls Guide is all about bringing you clever ideas, tips & tricks, I thought that some DIY inspiration before the week kicks off would be a great idea. From magnetic photo frames to inspired Chinese lanterns and a crazy stenciled wooden floor, it’s all things you CAN do yourself (or with a man lending a hand on some of the heavier tasks!)

Hope you all had a great Sunday and all the best for the week…keep these ideas for next weekend!

Magnetic Photo Frames

Magnetic Photo Frames | source here.

Grow Your Herbs on the Wall

Grow Your Herbs on the Wall | source here.

Paper & Buttons Flower

Paper & Buttons Flower | source here.

DIY Rustic Headboard

DIY Rustic Headboard | source here.

Stencilled Wooden Floor

Stencilled Wooden Floor | source here.

White-wood Chinese Lanterns

White-wood Chinese Lanterns | source here.

Material Flowers on Cushions

Material Flowers on Cushions | source here.

Bathroom Boudoirs | Amazing Bathroom Ideas

I know that a luxurious bathroom with a bathtub is what most women will pick over any other room in the house (ok, maybe the kitchen comes first!), because it’s such an intimate, private and quiet space.

Bathing in a cramped, cracked tub with bad plumbing and a boring plastic-framed mirror is NOT cool, but showering in a free form stone shower, hopping into a real brass tub or luxuriating in a real porcelain ball & claw, now that is magical.

Yes, we can’t all afford amazing bathrooms (or at the very least, even have the space for them), but it is nice to dream. So what can you do to yours to make it more gorgeous? Some ideas from The Good Girls Guide!

  • Buy a stunning vintage mirror
  • Replace your toilet seat 
  • Display your lovely towels in a creative way
  • Buy sweet-smelling toiletries that match
  • Re-do a cupboard and bring it into your bathroom
  • Create a feature wall with a bright or dark coat of paint

Copper Tubs to Soak In

A Copper Tub to Sink Into | source here.

A Vintage Tub to Dream In

A Vintage Tub to Dream In | source here.

A Romantic Bathroom to Luxuriate In

A Romantic Bathroom to Luxuriate In | source here.

A Mirror to Sass At

A Mirror to Sass At | source here.

A Shower to Inspire

A Shower to Inspire | source here.

A Bathroom to Make Ideas In

A Bathroom to Make Ideas In | source here.