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Vintage Mood Board | Sunday Loveliness

Creative mood boards are an excellent way of finding a new style or look for your wardrobe or room makeover, decor, design inspiration or more. It’s also a brilliant tool for brides when deciding on a look and feel for their weddings!

Today’s lazy Sunday post (well, before  I got for a run at least!) is a vintage inspired moodboard – gathering the look and feel of a yesteryear era. I love the big curls, big lashes, colours of the photos, pearls, lace and silver jewellery, the old-fashioned swimsuits, the big cars, old typewriter and faded books…it just says Vintage!

Imagine taking this into a room into your home – a redone wardrobe, a photo feature on the wall, an old-fashioned dressing table…or imagine making it your wedding theme: dusty pink and lace, soft roses, books and silver goblets on the tables, ribbons of satin and crepe…

So be inspired! Make your own mood board! Create on online with a Pinterest board, or simply get some relevant magazines and create your own. Have a super Sunday 🙂

Vintage Inspiration

Vintage Inspiration | All photos taken from Pinterest.

Amazing Clothes Storage Ideas | Turn Messy into Pretty

Close your eyes and imagine: a spacious, walk-in closet with display for your hundreds of shoes, and colour coded hanging space, all framed with a gorgeous dressing table and twinkle-lit mirror.

And pop goes the dream. Quite frankly, my cupboard is shared with my husband; yes we have our own side, but still! It gets cramped, messy and quite often I find his socks with my underwear, or my coat with his rugby jackets. Not ideal.

The Good Girls Guide has uncovered some beau (meaning: simply marvelous, clever & beautiful) ideas on how to prettily display your gorgeous clothes, shoes, bags and more – but still keeping it neat, under wraps and of course – easily accessible.

So while you may have to settle for a refurbished vintage wardrobe (although I wouldn’t even call that settling, it sounds bloody damn amazing) and keep your walk-in closet for your big-time dreams one day, it does mean you can do it in style and be the envy of all your girls.

Time to turn Messy into Pretty with clever clothing storage ideas:

Vintage Closet with Clear Glass

Vintage Wardrobe with Glass Doors | source here.

Pink Hanging Space

Pink Hanging Space | source here.

Floor Borders as Shoe Hooks

Floor Borders as Shoe Hooks | source here.

Frame Your Jewelry

Frame Your Jewelry | source here.

Display your Shoes on Shelves

Display your Shoes on Shelves | source here.

Optimise Your Storage Space

Optimise Your Storage Space | source here.

Accessible Shoe Bags

Accessible Shoe Bags | source here.

Sheet Music Boutonniere | Whimsy Wedding Inspiration

We all love weddings. If you’re a savvy Good Girl, you probably jump for the bouquet, eat the cake, dance all night and celebrate loudly with the bridal couple. It’s ok – we all do it!

Although I’m already married, it sure hasn’t stopped my browsing the web for beautiful wedding inspiration that I can oogle over and share. Girls, the theme, decor and colour of your wedding is the most obvious indicator of who you and your groom are as people (let’s hope it’s not all pink, who knows what everyone will think of him!), so it’s your chance to really go wild and be creative!

I found this incredibly unique idea as  replacement for the traditional ‘white rose buttonhole’: a sheet music boutonniere! How incredibly creative, and it makes your groom and his best men stand out from the crowd in a big way. And just think of what else you can do with this idea just a small part…

Any other ideas on a whimsical and musical theme for a wedding? Post your ideas below & share the love.

Sheet Music inspired Boutonniere | photo here.

DIY Desk Organisation | clever idea

Many of us are workaholics, either staying long hours at the office, working on the weekends or typing furiously in between making dinner.

Really? Not ideal.

To make your workspace better, you need to organise. I’m a great believer in organised chaos, although the chaos can be contained quite easily on a pin board or white board for stressed-out scribbles (we’ve all done it, right?!).

I’ve pulled together some fairly simple DIY desk organisation ideas – whether that’s putting your crazed inspiration in one place (ie: a board above your computer), tidying your desk (like the innovative plug idea) or simply making your drawers navigable.

A tidy desk = a relaxed mind with potential to innovate, excite and perform the best it can 🙂

Happy organising!


Computer Tidy Tray | source here.

PVC Pipe Desk Organiser | source here.

Organise Your Holiday Activities on a pin board | source here.

Wire-free Sorting | source here.

Organised Desk Drawer | source here.

Clever Daily Sorting | source here.

Have you got any great DIY ideas or tips you’d like to share? Comment below or if your idea is bigger than a sentence or two, contact The Good Girls Guide to feature your idea on the blog 🙂