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Starry Skies in the Australian Outback | Beautiful!

Check out these amazing 15-hour exposure images by photographer Lincoln Harris in the Australian Outback – utterly magical, unreal and undeniably beautiful!

Posted by the Daily Mail, it details Harris’s photos after having kept the exposure open for up to 15 hours – creating these breathtaking shots of the earth’s movements reflected in the Heavens.

With no purpose other than to share beauty and to inspire you, I’ve reposted these shots – share them too!

Starry Skies

Starry Skies 2

Starry Skies 3

Starry Skies 4

Starry Skies 5

Starry Skies 5

Delicious Dessert Tables | Event Ideas

It’s a big thing in the US, but Dessert Tables are only JUST beginning to become popular in SA. While a table with your mom’s milk tart, aunt’s apple crumble and granny’s brandy pudding is great (for a family event), it’s taking this supposedly insignificant aspect of a wedding/event and turning it into a masterpiece!

The closest I ever got was displaying my wedding cake (a three tier dark and white chocolate dotted mousse cake covered in berries, blushing brides and a wire bicycle make for two on top) on a table with proteas and a beautifully ribbon-wrapped serving knife. If I could do it again and have the option for more than just cake, I might just go with one of these decadent dessert tables!

Together with your wedding/event theme, create a gorgeous table with beautiful vases, cake displays, trays and plates with seriously ‘attention-to-detail’ desserts. Check out today’s post on The Good Girls Guide for more awesome ideas 🙂

A High Tea in the Garden

A High Tea in the Garden | source here.

Green & Red Party Poppers

Green & Red Party Poppers | source here.

Butterflies and Colourful Candies

Butterflies and Colourful Candies | source here.

Sweet Love

Sweet Love | source here.

Babyshower or Birthday

Babyshower or Birthday | source here.

Wedding DIY Dessert Table

Wedding DIY Dessert Table | source here.

Lavender High Tea

Lavender High Tea | source here.

Beautiful Dessert Table Detail

Beautiful Dessert Table Detail | source here.

Dramatic Dresses | Ballgowns & Cocktails

Goodness I love dramatic dresses! I once did a shoot up at my university for a close friend of mine, and got to wear a super dramatic black satin dress, the skirt the widest I’ve ever seen, a train and all. I felt so empowered (it’s funny how something that gorgeous can do that for you!) It’s worth having a dress up party just to put one on.

Dramatic in Black

Dramatic in Black | source here.

Today’s inspirational post on The Good Girls Guide is all about the drama, the passion, the power that emanates from a gorgeous and dramatic dress. Be it red and flirtatious, pink and bubblegum pop, cream and stylish or frilly and fun – let it be dramatic! Maybe you’re looking for bridal gown inspiration, or scrounging around for ideas for that next Masquerade Ball dress up event – well, here you go. Enjoy!

A Pop of Pink

A Pop of Pink | source here.

Looking Lovely in Lavender

Looking Lovely in Lavender | source here.

A Cloud of Blossoms

A Cloud of Blossoms | source here.

A Splash of Red

A Splash of Red | source here.

Poised in White Petals

Poised in White Petals | source here.

A Splatter of Red Polkadots

A Splatter of Red Polkadots | source here.

Gorgeous Flapper in Cream

Gorgeous Flapper in Cream | source here.

Juliet in Shades of Grey

Juliet in Shades of Grey | source here.

Rainy Day Moodboard | Winter Inspiration

There’s something about a rainy day that can either tickle your fancy or put you in the foulest mood imaginable. In order to keep the peace and to promote harmony, I highly recommend taking the former option, and not getting caught up in the ‘weather=my mood’ conundrum…

I found some gorgeous rainy-day inspired images that I smashed together into a moodboard for you all – and it’s all about embracing the rain in one’s life (good or bad), with song, bright colours, clear umbrellas for the full effect, getting wet (joyfully), and of course…letting the sun come out.

So if you’re having a bad wintery weather day, take heart! Let this little moodboard make your day a little brighter, only on The Good Girls Guide

Inspiration On a Rainy Day

Inspiration On a Rainy Day | all images from Pinterest.

My Wedding: Decor & Ideas Inspiration!

I’ve always loved weddings that go the extra mile in the detail. It’s the light touches, the hard work, the attention to detail that for me, shines as extra special! Having attended quite a few weddings in the past few years, I’ve seen some incredible ideas on what to do with ‘the detail’.

Wedding Flower Arrangements

Wedding Bliss

There are so many elements that go into making a wedding day breathtakingly beautiful, and I suppose it’s totally up to the couple to decide which is the most important. Photography, cake, stationery, decor, outfits, favours, guest entertainment, music, vows & ceremony…there’s plenty to release your creativity upon!

Some great ideas for some of the above:


Choose your photographer wisely. I would recommend a partnership team: they have experience working together and can ensure a wider variety of pictures. Also, choose someone whose style you enjoy – you want your vibe to be captured 100%! Most of all, feel comfortable! My lovely friends Rebecca and Bruce Meissner rocked our wedding 🙂 (see them here: Love Made Visible)

Photography by Love Made Visible


Cake Schmake. Yes, R4000 cakes are around, but trust me, unless you’re a confectionist, you really don’t need one of those! If you have a talent in your family/friend circle who can bake – go for it. Else, investigate cakes that taste amazing but don’t cost a bomb! We did an awesome chocolate fudge mousse cake from Melissas – and then decorated with blushing brides, icing sugar and a wire bicycle made for two!

Cake - Melissa's


If you’re creative, do as much as you can yourself (table menus, name tags etc), but even if you are, leave the actual invitation to an expert! Trust me, it’s worth it. Look online for ideas – invites these days can be crazy fun and inspirational, elegant and classic or totally out of the box and different. Think different textures, wording, typefaces and imagery! Thanks to the gorgeous Nikky Dowding of Moonbeams & Polkadots for ours…

Invitation - Moonbeams & Polkdots


My absolute FAVE! Be specific – think of a theme/colour scheme and then go with it. Don’t look back. We did a vintage theme with lots of proteas, fynbos, old suitcases, lace overlays, clear glasswear of different sizes, a wine menu and white candles... Start with a moodboard and collect ideas. Pinterest is a good place to start brainstorming! Remember, decor is TOTALLY 100% DIY doable – have fun!

Decor - 100% DIY

And those are my tips to making your day extra-special. Get involved, do the hard work and be rewarded with a magical day when it all fades blurrily into the background as all you have eyes for is your husband. You can see how gorgeous it all looked in the photos later on!

Wedding Love Photography

View all our wedding photos here.

Wall Art | Make Your House POP!

Do you ever look up at your lounge/bedroom wall and see a big blank space that stares at you? And all you want to do is try make it less…glaring?! welcome to the idea of WALL ART, or feature spaces or whatever you’d like to call them – basically it’s creating a space that can be admired, while fitting in with the rest of your room decor.

Today’s lazy Saturday post on The Good Girls Guide is dedicated to a bunch of fun, crazy, beautiful, elegant and out there ideas to create a feature wall (of sorts). From embroidered hangings, to colourful wallpaper, word art to hanging vases – it’s all about making your wall POP! enjoy…

Wall to Wall Classics

Wall to Wall Classics | source here.

Pretty Frames on Candy Stripes

Pretty Frames on Candy Stripes | source here.

Keeping it in the Family

Keeping it in the Family | source here.

Chicken Wire & Beautiful Vases

Chicken Wire & Beautiful Vases | source here.

Black, White, PINK

Black, White, PINK | source here.

Putting Words on the Wall

Putting Words on the Wall | source here.

A Birdcage to Sing Along With

A Birdcage to Sing Along With | source here.

A Quilted Bedroom Wall

A Quilted Bedroom Wall | source here.

Rocking Out the Music Room

Rocking Out the Music Room | source here.

Black & White Trends | Decor Inspiration

Glorious in Black and White. You could be talking about a monocromatic colour-themed house, a gorgeous evening outfit or a pair of to-die-for heels… let’s face it, while black and white can be thought of as stark, logical and unemotional, it’s also exceptionally elegant, crisp and focused.

Today’s post on The Good Girls Guide is all about how you can use Black and White trends as decor inspiration. Using black and white doesn’t mean you conform your living space into something cold = not at all. By bringing in key features, clear bolts of appropriate colour and a variety of textures, a black and white decor palette can look incredibly sophisticated, inviting and even, homey!

Check out the gorgeous inspirational pics below for ideas on how to make a black and white colour theme POP.

A Kitchen in Black and White

A Kitchen in Black and White | source here.

Colourless Collectables

Colourless Collectables | source here.

Stark and Striking

Stark and Striking | source here.

Mono-Chromatic Coloured Bedroom

Mono-Chromatic Coloured Bedroom | source here.

Oversized and Dramatic

Oversized and Dramatic | source here.

Baby, You've Been Framed

Baby, You’ve Been Framed | source here.

A Chandelier of Contrasts

A Chandelier of Contrasts | source here.

Darkness & Light Under the Eaves

Darkness & Light Under the Eaves | source here.