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Overcoming Small Bathroom Dilemmas | GUEST POST

Today I’m introducing Guest Blogger Roberta Madison, who works for as Marketing Manager, and writes in the home construction, renovation and restoration industry. She loves exchanging and sharing ideas with others and believes there is always a way to make one’s abode more beautiful! I AGREE! Today’s fantastic blog post is about how to make the most of your small bathroom space – something many of us battle with… Thanks Roberta!

Don’t we all sometimes wish that we have one of those opulent bathrooms? You know the type; they are the breath taking bathrooms that get featured on lifestyle and interior decorating magazines. Demonstrating clever design, luxury, and space large enough to fit a whole soccer team; the bathrooms of the fabulously famous and wealthy seem unattainable for us ordinary folks.

What's Your Bathroom Dilemma?

What’s Your Bathroom Dilemma? | source Flickr

However, despair no more because there’s a quick recipe in achieving that grand, dream bathroom of yours – even with limited space.

Reduce clutter

Start by clearing out sinks and anything that obstructs the view. The trick to creating an illusion of space is to have a solid and uniformed look. This can be done by removing unnecessary elements such as unused bottles and other knick-knacks.

Reduce Clutter

Reduce Clutter | source Glass Tiles Store

Get rid of cabinets

This is in line with reducing clutter; you can’t remove the toilet, the shower, the sink, and/or the tub but you can free up prime floor and wall area by getting rid of bulky cabinets and moving them to where they won’t hinder movement or disrupt the line of view.

Remove Bathroom Cabinets

Remove Bathroom Cabinets | source Fortikur

Use a light color theme

If a major overhaul seems too costly, then get those paintbrushes ready. A paint job is always the most affordable and easiest way to revamp dull space. To open the bathroom, opt for light or neutral colors. White is usually the best choice as it reflects light, making the room appear larger.

Use a Light Colour Scheme

Use a Light Colour Scheme | source Glass Tile Store

Let the Light In

Remove the shutters and let the sunshine in. Cliché as this may sound but glorious beams of sunshine can definitely improve one’s mood. A bathroom washed with sunbeams is a fantastic way to greet the day.  If the bathroom has no access to natural light, then consider installing wall scones. Add large sized mirrors as well, as any reflective surface helps in cheering up dark and small spaces.

Let the Light In

Let the Light In | source Decor Pad

Think glass tiles

 If a single sheet is adorable enough, then imagine what several sheets can add to your bathroom? If you are aiming for a hint of indulgence, use glass tiles to accent walls. For a truly impressive look, subway glass tiles in the shower area complete the look of an inviting and welcoming bathroom. The wonderful thing about glass tiles is that you will be hitting two birds with one stone. They are great as decorative tools and can also serve a practical purpose as they can establish an atmosphere as they reflect and interact with the room’s available light.

Using Glass Tiles

Using Glass Tiles | source Subway Tiles

There you have it. You may not own a posh Beverly Hills mansion or have an Oscar statuette on your mantle but you can have a splendid, inviting bathroom. Thanks to strategically placed mirrors, smart choice of colours, and well-placed glass tiles – even a small bathroom can be worthy of a page on a lifestyle magazine.

* I love guest posts! If you would like to share your knowledge or expertise on any design, decor, fashion or style trends, please email me ontheggguide[at] All posts and included links undergo a review before publishing

Bathroom Boudoirs | Amazing Bathroom Ideas

I know that a luxurious bathroom with a bathtub is what most women will pick over any other room in the house (ok, maybe the kitchen comes first!), because it’s such an intimate, private and quiet space.

Bathing in a cramped, cracked tub with bad plumbing and a boring plastic-framed mirror is NOT cool, but showering in a free form stone shower, hopping into a real brass tub or luxuriating in a real porcelain ball & claw, now that is magical.

Yes, we can’t all afford amazing bathrooms (or at the very least, even have the space for them), but it is nice to dream. So what can you do to yours to make it more gorgeous? Some ideas from The Good Girls Guide!

  • Buy a stunning vintage mirror
  • Replace your toilet seat 
  • Display your lovely towels in a creative way
  • Buy sweet-smelling toiletries that match
  • Re-do a cupboard and bring it into your bathroom
  • Create a feature wall with a bright or dark coat of paint

Copper Tubs to Soak In

A Copper Tub to Sink Into | source here.

A Vintage Tub to Dream In

A Vintage Tub to Dream In | source here.

A Romantic Bathroom to Luxuriate In

A Romantic Bathroom to Luxuriate In | source here.

A Mirror to Sass At

A Mirror to Sass At | source here.

A Shower to Inspire

A Shower to Inspire | source here.

A Bathroom to Make Ideas In

A Bathroom to Make Ideas In | source here.