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Friday *Cupcakes & Kisses*

My lovely friend Taryn Farr has started her own confectionary company called Cupcakes and Kisses, and I just had to share some of the delicious treats with you! Perfect for some yummy Friday inspiration – indeed!

She does pretty cupcakes, crazy kids confectionary, beautiful wedding cakes and a whole bunch more…makes me wish I had the patience, the time and the energy – because WOW it all looks so amazing and super delicious! Also, while we are at it, please let me know if you have a great baking recipe to share – that sort of thing always goes down super well at my Book Club 🙂

Anyway if you want Taryn to cater a kitchen tea, wedding, party or anniversary of any kind, you can contact her on her Facebook page or by email on

Yummy Pink Cupcakes!

Red Flower Cupcakes

Christmas Time Cupcakes

Kids Soccer Ball Cupcakes
Flower Birthday Cake

Cupcake Inspiration | Yummy Ideas to Impress

Here’s something gorgeous to oogle over this morningSERIOUSLY decadent and delicious cupcakes! I have a lovely group of girlfriends and we have bookclub every so often – and trust me – at least ONE will bring along a plate of superb looking cupcakes that we all applaud, take a sip of red wine and then declare:

“I could never make something that looks that good!”

The thing with baking (as I’m slowly learning) – sticking to the recipe is actually quite key. It’s not like a stirfry or curry or whatnot that you just chuck things into, it’s about ensuring your measurements are exact. Once the actual thing is made, well then all it comes down to is, creative decoration:

Cupcake Inspiration
Some great ideas for easy Wowing, Applauding, Red Wining & Declaring:

  • cute fruit like rasperries, blueberries or strawberries
  • some sparkly edible things like silver balls
  • a great recipe for delicious-tasting icing
  • food colouring
  • a dollop of cream or caramel or whipped custard
  • cute paper cups
  • a shake of icing sugar over the lot
  • a gorgeous plate to serve on

And that’s Cupcake Inspiration. Yum!

Photos from Wedding Bee, Food.Lohudblogs, Sugarbloomcupcakes, musicisart, Cupcake Inspirations, Designzzz, ireallylikefood, polyvore, and ilovemuffins