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Cupcakes & Disaster: A Marie Antoinette Fest

The historical disaster that was the Queen of all things ‘over-the-top’, yes we’re talking about Marie Antoinette, has certainly given us some seriously glamourous inspiration for parties, weddings, dress-ups, tea parties and more… Sorry my dear, but we’ll eat cake without you

Glamourized and rocked up by Kirsten Dunst in the 2006 movie ‘Marie Antoinette’, the queen historically met an untimely end, but not before creating a serious name for herself as an overspender of note. Anyway, we’re looking on the bright side of things and dedicating this post on The Good Girls Guide to the gloriously badass, Marie Antoinette πŸ™‚ MWAH

Devilishly yummy

Devilishly yummy | source here.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink | source here.

Madam's Shoes

Madam’s Shoes | source here.

A Lover's Boudoir

A Lover’s Boudoir | source here.

Queen of Drama

Queen of Drama | source here.

Decadent and Divine

Decadent and Divine | source here.

Cutie Pie Danger

Cutie Pie Danger | source here.

Marie Antoinette's Wedding Cake

Marie Antoinette’s Wedding Cake | source here.

A Collage Of Loveliness

A Collage Of Loveliness | source here.


Lovely | source here.

Wedding Inspiration

Wedding Inspiration | source here.

Kamers vol geskenke | Pretty Things to Celebrate

The lovely Kamers vol geskenke festival is currently on at Lourensford Wine Estate out near Stellenbosch, so I thought I’d share with you some of their gorgeous, beautiful, inspirational items that are NEW this year.

The Kamer’s philosophy is simple: “We want you to feel as passionate about the Kamers philosophy as we do – it’s about bringing creative people together by sharing and collaborating on ideas, supporting each other through honesty, tolerance and understanding, and believing in all of our ability and creative talent. ”

Now that’s something pretty awesome! Check this out, only on The Good Girls Guide:


Pretty Love

Vintage Wow

Retro Cool

Cutie Pies

Biggies Best

| All photos from Kamers |

Gaga for the Lady – So You Think She’s Got Style?

I’m currently obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance – one of my absolute favourite shows. I love the incredible creativity, style and amazeballs moments when you see a dancer do something you’ve never dreamt existed. One of the cool things about the show is that they have regular celebrity guest judges, and this week it was the one and only Lady Gaga.

Now I must say, I still think she’s pretty cooky and odd, and sometimes downright strange. However, her complete honesty, transparency as a person (even through the crazy clothes and makeup) and truthful praise and criticism of the dancers was quite an insight into her character.

I really guess it was a bit of ‘don’t judge the book by it’s cover’ situation! She’s still not my favourite, and I do find her lyrics to be offensive and cryptic at times, but still, she is just something else. Today’s post on The Good Girls Guide is all about being Gaga for the Ladya style diary

Lady Gaga on So You Think You Can Dance

Lady Gaga on So You Think You Can Dance | source here.


Amazeballs | source here.

The Fame

The Fame | source here.


Roar! | source here.

Cover Girl

Cover Girl | source here.

Hair Like Ice

Hair Like Ice | source here.

Fabulous Gaga

Fabulous Gaga | source here.

Channelling Marilyn

Channelling Marilyn | source here.

Dark Like the Night

Dark Like the Night | source here.

Lady Gaga Style

Lady Gaga Style | source here.

Lady Gaga the Rockstar

Lady Gaga the Rockstar | source here.

Art @ Home | Everyday Inspiration

I’ve recently been inspired by a home that is filled with unique and beautiful art – some of which cost a fair bit, and others that was completely personal and hand-made. So often we decorate our walls with generic pictures – how about sprucing up your walls with some original art!?

Today’s post on The Good Girls Guide is dedicated to the celebration of Art @ Home – enjoy and be inspired πŸ™‚

Simple Art Display

Simple Art Display | source here.

Art Deco Home

Art Deco Home | source here.

Baby Room Cuteness

Baby Room Cuteness | source here.

Home Art Montage

Home Art Montage | source here.

Basement Jaxx Art Wowness

Basement Jaxx Art Wowness | source here.

Make the Most of Your Feature Wall

Make the Most of Your Feature Wall | source here.

Photo & Art Wall

Photo & Art Wall | source here.

For the Love of Furniture Refurbishment – DIY Inspiration

My mom has always inspired me with her creativity, refurbishment ideas and ability to turn something pretty average into something quite amazing! Recently she redid our entire kitchen – by building three stand-alone kitchen cabinets that look out of this world amazing. Picture vintage cream and green cupboards, worn-look furniture, slate grey tiles and lots of character πŸ™‚

My husband and I have been inspired to bring on the DIY vibe into our own home – building an entire wall cabinet/bookshelf that now houses our entire book & CD & DVD collection as well as a brand-spanking new flat screen – the joy of my husband particularly when he can watch rugby games in hi-def! Plus we also refurbished an old chest of drawers from yellow pine into a cream and dark topped set with crystal handles – looks awesome!

SO, today’s post on The Good Girls Guide is all about furniture refurbishment – turning average into amazing, being bold with colours, ideas and textures and really puting effort into creating something that is entirely authentic, original and your own. Be inspired and be sure to share you DIY tips or inspirations πŸ™‚

Refurbished Vintage Chair

Refurbished Vintage Chair | source here.

1970s Cabinet Redone

1970s Cabinet Redone | source here.

Brand New Door Knob

Brand New Door Knob | source here.

Refurbished Window Frame into Art

Refurbished Window Frame into Art | source here.

Cute Blue Cabinet

Cute Blue Cabinet | source here.

New Look Caravan/Trailer

New Look Caravan/Trailer | source here.

Wooden Stairs Redone

Wooden Stairs Redone | source here.

Pink-Legged Rustic Chair

Pink-Legged Rustic Chair | source here.

I Love You! Wardrobe Makeover

I Love You! Wardrobe Makeover | source here.

The Original Russian Doll Redone

The Original Russian Doll Redone | source here.

This is Your Life… | Tuesday Thought

Some inspiration for a Tuesday AfternoonThis is Your Life, Do What You Love And Do It Often! Some great words of wisdom that are really as obvious as anything, but still – some inspiration for us to all to keep on or start doing life WELL, vibrantly, with spirit and passion and with total abundance!

Be blessed πŸ™‚

This is Your Life

Once On A Sunny Day | Rainbow-Inspired Decor

It’s amazing how you can get inspiration literally out of thin air. Well, the rain and sun this weekend got me thinking of Spring Rainbows and how beautiful a rainbow looks in the sky. It has a magical quality you know? When I was little, rainbows symbolized My Little Ponies, Care Bears and mystical lands you only ever dreamt about…

Now that I’m all of 26, with my little ponies stashed away in some upper-most cupboard in my parents house (waiting for my yet to be born daughter), I still love rainbows, so I thought why not? Why not be inspired in a ‘grown-up’ way? So yes, today’s post on The Good Girls Guide is really all about rainbow inspiration. Not that you need to have multicoloured everything running through your home, but that you can take some of the elements like shade, tone and colour and make it your own.

Welcome to my rainbow-inspired decor post – dedicated to Rainbow Brite πŸ™‚ (and even she grew up).

Will We Have Rainbows?Will We Have Rainbows? | source here.

Rainbow Bricks & Floor

Rainbow Bricks & Floor | source here.

Colourful Cushions

Colourful Cushions | source here.

Ten 'Colourful' Bottles

Ten ‘Colourful’ Bottles | source here.

Staircase to Heaven

Staircase to Heaven | source here.

A Smorgasbord of Colour

A Smorgasbord of Colour | source here.

A Bookcase of Rainbows

A Bookcase of Rainbows | source here.

A Blind Spectrum

A Blind Spectrum | source here.

Melted Crayons

Melted Crayons | source here.

Rainbow Brite Grew Up

Rainbow Brite Grew Up | source here.