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Karoo Decor Inspiration | South African Homes

Recently my husband and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary, spending a weekend out at Sanbona Private Game Reserve in the Western Cape, just off the pretty R62. The feeling I get – I don’t know how many of you can relate – of being in the bush, is one of total unwinding, relaxing and soul-refreshing! Ah, yes, particularly the Karoo!

This amazing interior, a desert landscape where only the hardy survive; farmers tend the dry land, caracals and jackals exist on the periphery, hardened sheep make due with scrub… it is also a place of unmistaken beauty – endless landscapes, BIG blue skies, outcrops that surge out of the earth, sudden farm cottages sprung up like havens…

This post on The Good Girls Guide is dedicated to the inspiration of the Karoo in South African homes – I love the decor, the feel of the country desert experience, the restful effect it has on my soul. Be inspired and come visit!Β  πŸ™‚

Simple Intrigue Stationery

Simple Intrigue Stationery | source here.

Private Karoo Suite

Private Karoo Suite | source here.

Deep in the Klein Karoo

Deep in the Klein Karoo | source here.

Sanbona - Dwyka Tented Camp

Sanbona – Dwyka Tented Camp | source here.

Karoo Wedding Decor

Karoo Wedding Decor | source here.

South African Farm Wedding

South African Farm Wedding | source here.

Karoo Dream View

Karoo Dream View | source here.

Classic Klein Karoo Landscape

Classic Klein Karoo Landscape | source here.

Country FreshFarm Kitchen

Country Fresh | source here.

Incredible Desert Views

Incredible Desert Views | source here.

Think Happy Thoughts on This #BlackTuesday

While we wait for the vote to come in on whether or not the Secrecy Bill has been passed (and thus interferring in the purest form of Democracy), I encourage us to think of the good in this day, even in the small things.

Go get a really good cup of coffee and let the aroma take you in…marvel at the view outside your window…call your mom and say thank you…email your hubby and say I love you...tip your car-guard…plan a holiday…go for a run on the mountain…take your mom-in-law for lunch…get that perfect Christmas gift…and always be glad that God gave us another day.

Even if today doesn’t end well – and the fight may continue in strengthening our democracy – look to the good and celebrate that.

Good Day

Good Day | source here.

Summer Makeup Inspiration | Colour Spectrum

As I type this, it’s raining outside. Granted, it’s not cold, but it’s still not quite summer! Hence today’s post on The Good Girls Guide! Dedicated to the ggeous colours, trends and inspiration of summer, I bring you some lovely Summer makeup inspiration – keeping it light, glowing, colourful and bold πŸ™‚

Personally I think with a bit of a tan, pale pink & peach looks great on lips, while eyes can be bright and well defined – leave the heavy black liner at the bottom of your makeup bag. Mix it all with a bronzer, or glittery blush and you’ll look gorge πŸ™‚ Happy Summer lovely ladies! xxx

Pretty Eyes

Pretty Eyes | source here.

Summer Glow

Summer Glow | source here.

Baby Bright Eyes

Baby Bright Eyes | source here.

Colours of Summer

Colours of Summer | source here.

Gorgeous Summer Kisses

Gorgeous Summer Kisses | source here.

Summer Inspiration

Summer Inspiration | source here.

Surfer Girl Glow

Surfer Girl Glow | source here.

Into the Blue

Into the Blue | source here.

Accessorize With A Flower

Accessorize With A Flower | source here.

Gorgeous Turquoise

Gorgeous Turquoise | source here.

White Vintage Furniture | Decor Inspiration

There’s something about white vintage furniture, especially when it has an awesome distressed look, that makes me go ‘ahhh, oohh’ inside! I don’t know what it is – but I suppose it’s the idea that something has been redone and transformed into this beautiful piece of refurbishment!

We recently redid a yellowy oak chest of drawers into a stylish cream set with dark wood and glass top, finished off with sparkly glass handles πŸ™‚ It’s amazing what a bit of LIGHTNESS can do to an old piece of furniture. So Happy Monday folks, and check out this inspirational post on white furniture – get those thinking caps on! Only on The Good Girls Guide:

The Eclectic Boys Room

The Eclectic Boys Room | source here.

Ribbon-Bowed Drawers

Ribbon-Bowed Drawers | source here.

Distressed Dressing Table

Distressed Dressing Table | source here.

Chanel-Inspired French Chair

Chanel-Inspired French Chair | source here.

My Beautiful Beach House

My Beautiful Beach House | source here.

White Desk to Love

White Desk to Love | source here.

Grey & White MatchGrey & White Match | source here.

And I Will Worship You… | Moodboard of Praise

I feel so so blessed at the moment, and just feel that I need to thank God for all that he’s put in my life, especially that my husband and I are celebrating one year of marriage on Sunday – wow! Time has just flown…

Today I’ve put together a Moodboard of Praise – just celebrating God’s goodness in my life and as a reminder to myself and to all of us that praise and thanks needs to be a daily part of our lives! Thanks Lord for all you’ve done in my life – I just hope that I can be a light, a rainbow, a mouthpiece of your goodness to others. WOOHOO! And I will worship you…

Moodboard of Praise

Today’s Little Nugget of Inspiration: Make it Possible

Love this! So true and great words to live by. Be inspired to day Good Girls πŸ™‚

Nothing is Impossible

Nothing is Impossible | source here.