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My Favourite PinBoards on Pinterest [Decor Inspiration]

I love Pinterest. It’s been such a great creative outlet, not just for finding great inspiration for house and home, but for giving direction and energy to my blog posts! I have been on Pinterest for a while now – when it was still ‘invite only’ and I have just loved the new look of the site. If you’re on it and haven’t upgraded – do it now! Bigger pins, better experience.

I thought I would share some of my favourite pin boards with you – all to do with home decor, DIY inspiration, clever ideas and some more specifics: kitchens, storage, at-home office spaces. This is all leading up to ‘The Big Move’ and so I’m pinning away so that one day I can use all these great ideas in real life.

Enjoy! If you have some great Pinterest boards of your own, please post the links below in a comment and I’ll be sure to follow your pins πŸ™‚ x


All of my favourite home decor ideas – from couches to prints to frames to vases to ornaments. Anything that catches my eye ends up here πŸ™‚


This is my ‘ideas’ space with great practical DIY opportunities to take something at home and change it into something really beautiful and lovely.


For anyone who ever wanted a home office – regardless or not if you think you’d be productive! – this is my inspiration space for dreaming of working at home.


For all those ‘ah, great idea!’ pins. Some very clever little ideas that look great, don’t appear to take very much work and will make everyone else jealous.


I’m a little bit silly over traditional farm/Karoo-style decor. I love the all-white rooms, the rustic wood, the vintage chandeliers and the homey feel.


Places to store and keep. From shelves to cupboards to containers and wardrobes – this is all about great storage ideas – and where to put those tesky items!


Looveeee kitchens. Anything that catches my eye that’s inspirational, beautiful and looks like a great space for dreaming, cooking and conversation ends up here.


Hey Friday Hey! Have a Good Girl Weekend!

Hey lovelies! Hope your weeks have been good, but if they haven’t – it’s ok – it’s FRIDAY! Can you tell that I’m ready to head home? May your weekends be full of the nicest moments, and may you be the best Good Girl you can be πŸ™‚ Would love to hear about your weekends – and what cool stuff you got up to.

Taken some pics at a market? Gone to a show? Spotted a cool DIY idea? Would love to know your ideas around awesome weekends! You can mail me on theggguide[at] or DM me on twitter @theggguide. Keen for some weekend inspiration? My Pinterest account is growing alarmingly with the number of {prettyinspiration} boards, so be sure to check those out too over here.

Have a happy weekend!

It's Friday - Hey!

Pop Culture Britannia – It’s the Diamond Jubilee!

So it was celebration galore this weekend in the UK and pretty much throughout the Commonwealth as Queen Elizabeth II celebrated 60 years on the throne. Many people feel that a royal family is no longer needed in today’s society, but you know what – I personally feel that a royal family (whether constitutional or merely ceremonial) tends to give hope to the nation.

I remember how caught up everyone was in the Royal Wedding last year when Kate (a regular girl) married Prince William – the romance, the glamour, the outfits! People LOVE the royals, and events like these are ways of making a nation or nations of people take time out from their humdrum schedules and dream a little...

Anyway I’ve put together a Britannia and Diamonds pinboard on Pinterest – you’re welcome to check it out and share with friends or on Facebook. So today’s post is really about the immense popularity of the Britannia image, the Union Jack, the red, white & blue. The Queen and her royal household have permeated into pop culture, society, pop art and more – this post is for all things British!

Celebrating the Diamond Jubileea

Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee | source Easy Art

Jubilee Britannia

Jubilee BritanniaΒ | source Pinterest

Britannia Pop Culture

Britannia Pop Culture | source Wayne Tippets

Black and White Double Decker

Black and White Double Decker | source Steelway Photostream Flickr

Britannia Fashion Culture

Britannia Fashion Culture | source Next Direct

Gorgeous British Glam

Gorgeous British Glam | source sameoldstyleslightlynewtake

Refurbished Union Jack

Refurbished Union Jack | source

Jacks in the Street - Urban Britannia

Jacks in the Street – Urban Britannia | source Apartment Therapy

Ways to Connect & Be Inspired More!

Hey Lovely Good Girls! Yes you! Did you know you can get even more of The Good Girls Guide on a daily basis? Our Twitter account is growing πŸ™‚ I love sharing creative links to inspirational content, whether it’s wedding ideas, awesome recipes, storage & organisation ideas or general prettiness (and I know we can’t get enough of that!)

Check out The Good Girls Guide on Twitter or follow on Blog-Lovin’ – another cool way of bookmarking the site and getting updates on posts. I also have my own Pinterest account – with boards for all sorts including home decor, hairstyles, cute & quirky, sexy & beautiful, clothes to get hold of and clever ideas for DIY…in all, a great sounding board for my blog posts!

Pink Cupcakes

Thanks for supporting the blog, I have big plans to keep it growing and delivering more original great content & inspiration! Have a blessed day πŸ™‚

Life is BeautifulDiscover More

Images from Baking Fool, We Can be Honest & Vi.Sualize.Us

Rustic Romance – Wedding & Event Inspiration

Haven’t done a mood board in ages, so I thought I’d do one this morning!

Here are some great ideas around the theme of ‘Rustic Romance’ – incorporating classic rustic luxury themes into weddings/events that add a certain charm and atmosphere πŸ™‚ Everything from hessianto chalk boards and wooden hearts – all of these elements can be combined to create something really really lovely.

Here are some more ideas: A love-themed rustic bridal shower, a whole selection of rustic wedding favours, a bunch of country rustic wedding theme ideas and a rustic-themed garden baby shower! Enjoy!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

A Rustic Romance

Rustic Romance | all pics from Pinterest