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Floral Inspiration: Bring Spring & Beauty into Your Home Decor

It’s August next month, and just around the corner is September – Spring! In Cape Town it traditionally rains on the 1st of September (pretty much every year), but it’s still a hopeful time of new things.

Flowers traditionally speak of celebration and new birth, but can also show love, appreciation, sympathy, joy and happiness.  I found this quote recently and it just emphasises the symbolism of flowers as something beautiful that grows from a seed:

“By cultivating the beautiful we scatter the seeds of heavenly flowers, as by doing good we cultivate those that belong to humanity – Robert A Heinlein

We often buy fresh-cut flowers for home, but after about 10 days you have to say ‘goodbye pretty roses’ or ‘farewell lovely proteas’… why not add the effect of flowers to your home though floral decor?

Florals do not have to mean your grandmother’s choice of lounge suite cover; in fact, florals can be amazingly attractive and uplifting to a room – whether real or imitation. And by imitation I do not mean fake flowers, but wall hangings, wallpaper, stickers, lighting fixtures and more. Have a look at my inspiration for SpringFloral Decor!

Lilac Wall Art

Lilac Wall Art | source Victoria Hudgins on Project Wedding 

Black & White Flower Wallpaper

Black & White Flower Wallpaper | source

Wreath Around the Doorway

Wreath Around the Doorway | source Room Service

Real Flowers as Wallpaper

Real Flowers as Wallpaper | source Pinterest

Hanging Vases

Hanging Vases | source

Floral Prints on Canvas

Floral Prints on Canvas | source

Romantic Flower Fairy Lights

Romantic Flower Fairy Lights | source Pinterest

Flower Heart Decor

Flower Heart Decor | source

Life’s Little House Rules…

Are there rules to live by? Rules that apply to everyone in the world? Well probably not, but it might be good to start with what God has asked of, commanded of and promised us – Love God, Love Your Neighbors… I reckon those are some good words of advice that everyone in the world could and should live by.

Found this on the weekend and thought I’d share with you – some good advice on life’s little ‘house rules’, being kind to dancing crazy and being silly! Have a super Monday xxx

Life's Little House Rules

Life’s Little House Rules | source Alexander Creative on Etsy

Happy Birthday Madiba! | Cool Birthday Ideas

Happy birthday Madiba! What a legend and inspiration you are – even now at the age of 94!

Happy Birthday Madiba

Happy Birthday Madiba!

As the entire country, continent and the globe celebrates Nelson Mandela’s birthday today by dedicating 67minutes to ‘doing good’ for others, I was thinking just how he was celebrating his birthday today. I would imagine being surrounded by his wife, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren would have given him the most pleasure 🙂

And then I got inspired to post some ‘birthday inspiration’ – ideas that are fun, unique and add a little bit of DIY to any special birthday celebration, whether you’re 4, 24, 64 or 94!

Girly Balloon Birthday

Girly Balloon Birthday | source Gillar Girl

Pink Cupcake Stand

Pink Cupcake Stand | source Amy Atlas

Strung Coloured Lanterns

Strung Coloured Lanterns | source

Mad Hatters Tea Party

Mad Hatters Tea Party | source

Float the Drinking Boat

Float the Drinking Boat | source Pinterest

Beautiful Outdoor Party Idea

Beautiful Outdoor Party Idea | source Style Me Pretty

DIY Party Trick with Paint Swatches

DIY Party Trick with Paint Swatches | source PampleMousse1983

Tropical Cocktails

Tropical Cocktails | source Paper Mash

Check that Mirror! | Monday Motivation

Say goodbye to Monday’s blues and have a smile – you’re looking good today 🙂

May your week be full of light and love, may you shine and sparkle and be the best you can be…and when in doubt – take a look in the mirror and give yourself a ridiculously over-confident wink – you’re looking particularly good today…

You're Looking Good Today

Of Sparkly Pumps & Glitter Heels | Shoe Delights

Whenever I have a long day, I like to unwind with a bit of pinning – really one of the MOST therapeutic exercises I know. And the other day was one of those. Imagine my delight when I came across a whole lot of gorgeous shoes pinned by someone I follow; that just did me in!

I ended up scouring Pinterest and the web for some gorge shoes to share with you – really, I probably wouldn’t wear most of these (I find extraordinarily tall heels a bit hard to walk in, and since I am 5.8, I am then touching the ceiling) but I do find trying on massively tall heels at Mr Price rather fun 🙂

Anyway here’s a selection of fun, crazy, glittery, sparkly shoes, heels & pumps to share – feast your eyes!

Sparkle Pumps for Fun!

Sparkle Pumps for Fun! | source babydeath.tumblr

Blue Glitter Heels

Blue Glitter Heels | source

Suede Baby, Suede

Suede Baby, Suede | source

Peacock Peacock

Peacock Peacock | source

Zig Zag Clogs

Zig Zag Clogs | source

Cute Black Booties

Cute Black Booties | source

Naartjie Glitter Heels

Naartjie Glitter Heels | source

Leopard Roar

Leopard Roar | source

Louboutins in Style

Louboutins in Style | source Shoe Tease

Denim Delish

Denim Delish | source Asian Scent

BabyDoll in Neon

BabyDoll in Neon | source Hawaii Kawaii

Mint Ice Cream

Mint Ice Cream | source Pinterest

Saturday Dreams | Weekend Inspiration

Hey lovely good girls, hope you have a stunning weekend whatever you are doing (like me, avoiding the rain most likely!) Here is some rad inspiration to keep in the back of your mind, courtesy of the amazing C.S Lewis…to always have the outlook of dreaming bigger…

Dream a New Dream

Dream a New Dream | source Pinterest

Chocolate Inspired Decor | GUEST POST – arcadian lighting

Today I’m introducing Guest Blogger* Joanna from Arcadian Lighting – “a place where interior designers, home enthusiasts or other design professionals can come to get inspiration on lighting fixtures or interior decorating ideas”. She has delivered a seriously gorgeous post on Chocolate Inspired Decor, my mouth is watering at these amazing images! Be inspired Good Girls!

Hi there! I’m Joanna, a guest blogger for Arcadian Lighting, a wonderful source for lighting fixtures of all sorts.  My passion for interior design led me to work in the field as a writer.

Most days I can be found on my computer searching the web for wonderful design ideas and images.I love to share them in guest posts like this one. Today, I bring you chocolate inspired rooms. I hope you enjoy. Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite is!

Chocolate Inspired Decor - Kitchens

This yummy modern eat-in kitchen would be so much fun to cook in and enjoy a casual dinner with family or friends. The contrast between the dark chocolaty cabinets and the white walls and floor makes the white surfaces look so pristine.

Chocolate Inspired Decor – Bedrooms | source Pinterest

Chocolate Inspired Decor - Living Room

This tiny living room looks like the perfect place to curl up with a good book or have a long visit with a friend. The chocolate walls make the space seem even cozier.

Chocolate Inspired Decor – Living Rooms | source Mark D Sikes

Chocolate Inspired Decor - Lounge

The textures of this chocolate space come from the velvet sofa, cowhide rug and mottled wall treatment. The little light fixture at the side of the painting is an interesting touch.

Chocolate Inspired Decor – Lounge | source Electric Revisited

Chocolate Inspired Decor - Home Decor

Stamped leather in alligator covers the wall behind a lovely collection of found objects all in brown.

Chocolate Inspired Decor – Home Decor | source Electric Revisited

Chocolate Inspired Decor - Bedrooms

This luxuriously appointed bed is quite inviting with its soft chocolate bed linens, brown textured walls and divine fur.

Chocolate Inspired Decor – Bedrooms | source Home to Life

Chocolate Inspired Decor - Dining Rooms

The first element in this dining room to catch my eye was the amazing branch-like light fixture above the table. The chocolate floors and furniture look quite delicious!

Chocolate Inspired Decor – Dining Rooms | source Decor Pad

Chocolate Inspired Decor - Bathrooms

While I wouldn’t expect so much brown in a small space to be captivating, this bathroom is gorgeous. I love the pop of color on the tufted yellow chair.

Chocolate Inspired Decor – Bathrooms | source Barn Furniture

Chocolate Inspired Decor - Guest Rooms

The contrast of crisp white with the brown on walls, floor and accents is quite elegant in this stately guest room.

Chocolate Inspired Decor – Guest Rooms | source My Home Ideas

Which image was your favorite? Be sure to check out all that Arcadian Lighting has to offer with fantastic lighting to suit your decor!

* I love guest posts! If you would like to share your knowledge or expertise on any design, decor, fashion or style trends, please email me on theggguide[at] All posts and included links undergo a review before publishing.

DIY for Your Home – Some Easy Examples

Ok, I just had to share some of these great DIY ideas – really clever, and fairly simple too. I keep collecting things like this so that when we move into a house I can start implementing them!

Here are a bunch of fantastic and easy to do DIY tips that have a really amazing effect and will get everyone else going ‘wow’ 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

Marbles in the Wooden Fence

Simply drill through your wooden fence and insert some colourful marbles – what a great effect when the sun shines through! Make sure your neighbours are ok with this though 🙂

Marbles in the Wooden Fence | source

Spraypainting a Vintage Metal Chair

Simply clean the surface of the chair with a stiff wire brush to remove any rust, then wipe down with a cloth. Spray with metal primer and let dry, Then apply several thin coats of a rust inhibitor paint. Spray lightly to avoid drip marks!

Spraypainting a Vintage Metal Chair | source Fresh Home Ideas

Cutlery Holder to Printer Tray

Revamp! remove extra slats where necessary, give a coat of paint & cover in patterned fabric or pretty paper. Add hooks and hang on the wall! Place your favourite knickknack and admire 🙂

Cutlery Holder to Printer Tray | source Going Home to Roost

Wine Bar Shelving

Use wooden fruit crates to create a shelving solution for wine bottles! glue and nail together and fix to a wall for extra support. You can also simply stack together and move around when you want. Display your wine collection proudly!

Wine Bar Shelving | source Pinterest

River Rock Boot Tray

Buy a metal tray with high edges and fill with smooth white ‘river’ stones – you can get this at your local hardware shop. Place dirty or wet boots here to dry! Easy to clean too 🙂

River Rock Boot Tray | source Martha Stewart