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Stylish Laundry & Utility Room Inspiration

Hello everyone! Apologies for the very long wait between blog posts – we have some exciting news in that we have a little bun in the oven due next year πŸ™‚ So all very happy about that, but it’s certainly made me have a look at our house and what we need in terms of space, furniture and a whole lot more. So I took one look at our little laundry area and decided, something has to happen here!

Just been doing some searching for a few good ideas on Pinterest and, and found some cool inspiration – check out the space savers, pretty colours and organisation of these laundry rooms, mud rooms and multi-functional spaces. I want!

Neat as a Pin

Neat as a Pin | source Pinterest

Laundry Space Saver

Laundry Space Saver | source Sand & Sisal

Contemporary & Stylish

Contemporary & Stylish | source Flickr

Multi-functional space

Multi-functional Space | source Pinterest

Wallpapered Laundry Room

Wallpapered Laundry Room | source Stacy & Charlie

We Bought a House! Homeowners {to be}

So the BEST news prior to the Easter weekend was the BIG news that we bought a house! For real! What a dream experience it has been; to have been living with my parents for only 2 weeks and to have an offer accepted and signed for is really just a miracle. God has been SO IN THIS with us, it’s really remarkable.

As we set off to get our bond approved, pull together all our remaining finances and dream furiously on Pinterest, I’m just so aware of how He has orchestrated this for us. The couple who sold the house to us are in their 60s/70s and are strong Christians, who felt the Lord was going to bring people into their house who they were going to sell it to. We connected them through a wonderful hodge-podge experience of my mom’s tennis club friend who had this couple in their cell group, and then found we had SO many people in common with them – just really a fantastic experience for us!

Please keep my hubby and I in your prayers as we navigate this rather scary yet immensely exciting next phase of our lives πŸ™‚ Homeowners!

Moving on Up!

At the Fireside | Home Inspiration

I love a good fire. Cracking, roaring, glowing…whatever it does (as long as it doesn’t smoke out the house!), it’s a great addition to any home. My parents have the greatest fireplace – it’s big, draws really well and serves as such a good focal point in a room. A few years back they added a black fireplace to our games room – modern, easy to install and great for warming a bigger place – but I must say, I still love an old fashioned fireplace!

My aunt and uncle used to live in the ‘broekie lace’ part of Observatory in Cape Town, where their old, beautiful Victorian house had some great fireplaces – tiny, backed with mosaic and really attractive. I’ve also stayed on a farm in the Eastern Cape called Blanco (really great family memories) where they had HUGE roaring fireplaces – you could literally climb into the space they were so big. Friends of ours also have a great fireplace at their refurbished house in Rosebank – it separates two rooms with space on either side, so that it can warm and be attended to on both sides! love that feature.

Anyway as it appears to be raining and chilly most of the weekend (even though we’re off to Clanwilliam), this post is all about fantastic fireplaces warming up your Friday!

Split Fireplace

Split Fireplace | source

Cosy Kitchen Fireplace

Cosy Kitchen Fireplace | source

Fire on the Patio

Fire on the Patio | source

Fireplace in Monochrome

Fireplace in Monochrome | source

Fireplace in Summer

Fireplace in Summer | source Pinterest

Country-Style Fireplace

Country-Style Fireplace | source

Protea Pretty – South African Wall Art

Oh my word! I just discovered this stunning site called Pink & Posh – they do vinyl wall art, with a great range of Proudly South African designs. *loving it!* And of course, my obsession with all things proteas had to share the following designs – check them out!

And if you’re keen, check out their instructions guide, where they’re stockedΒ or oogle over their Facebook Page with plenty of great options. yay! onward with the post!

Protea Wall Art

Faded Protea Set

Kudu and Protea

Pink and Posh!

Zebra Stripes

Windmill Wall

Sign Post

White Vintage Furniture | Decor Inspiration

There’s something about white vintage furniture, especially when it has an awesome distressed look, that makes me go ‘ahhh, oohh’ inside! I don’t know what it is – but I suppose it’s the idea that something has been redone and transformed into this beautiful piece of refurbishment!

We recently redid a yellowy oak chest of drawers into a stylish cream set with dark wood and glass top, finished off with sparkly glass handles πŸ™‚ It’s amazing what a bit of LIGHTNESS can do to an old piece of furniture. So Happy Monday folks, and check out this inspirational post on white furniture – get those thinking caps on! Only on The Good Girls Guide:

The Eclectic Boys Room

The Eclectic Boys Room | source here.

Ribbon-Bowed Drawers

Ribbon-Bowed Drawers | source here.

Distressed Dressing Table

Distressed Dressing Table | source here.

Chanel-Inspired French Chair

Chanel-Inspired French Chair | source here.

My Beautiful Beach House

My Beautiful Beach House | source here.

White Desk to Love

White Desk to Love | source here.

Grey & White MatchGrey & White Match | source here.

Art @ Home | Everyday Inspiration

I’ve recently been inspired by a home that is filled with unique and beautiful art – some of which cost a fair bit, and others that was completely personal and hand-made. So often we decorate our walls with generic pictures – how about sprucing up your walls with some original art!?

Today’s post on The Good Girls Guide is dedicated to the celebration of Art @ Home – enjoy and be inspired πŸ™‚

Simple Art Display

Simple Art Display | source here.

Art Deco Home

Art Deco Home | source here.

Baby Room Cuteness

Baby Room Cuteness | source here.

Home Art Montage

Home Art Montage | source here.

Basement Jaxx Art Wowness

Basement Jaxx Art Wowness | source here.

Make the Most of Your Feature Wall

Make the Most of Your Feature Wall | source here.

Photo & Art Wall

Photo & Art Wall | source here.

Farm Style Country Decor | Home Inspiration

I’ve always loved the pale colours and rough edges of traditional farm kitchens – and while achieving that look as a decor style around your entire home can be a little difficult, a country-style effect is really quite achievable!

Today on The Good Girls Guide I’ve sourced some amazing ideas and inspiration on how to create country-style goodness in your home – from the kitchen to the loft bedrooms to the little touches πŸ™‚ It’s amazing what rough wood painted white, a few overflowing vases of soft flowers and some vintage touches can do!

Remember, it’s often ALL about the accessories. If you can add little bits of inspiration to your home, you can easily add a country-style look that’s not hard, inexpensive and just looks like you’re a vintage queen πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

A Bucket of Flowers

A Bucket of Flowers | source here.

A Country Cupboard

A Country Cupboard | source here.

A Country-Style Loft Bedroom

A Country-Style Loft Bedroom | source here.

A Gorgeous Country Kitchen

A Gorgeous Country Kitchen | source here.

Sleeping in the Barn

Sleeping in the Barn | source here.

Scaffolding Coffee Table

Scaffolding Coffee Table | source here.

Traditional Farm Kitchen

Traditional Farm Kitchen | source here.

Vintage Farm Kitchen

Vintage Farm Kitchen | source here.