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A [GLEE]ful Obsession | Pop Culture

For some reason, I’m completely head over heals obsessed with all things GLEE! Love that show. Anything that combines singing with clever wit, great writing, excellent casting, classic high-school ideals and the rise of the down-trodden – we’ll I’m a goner. Guess that’s why I loved Grease all those years ago…

I know the The Good Girls Guide isn’t normally about Pop Culture stuff, but maybe there’s a nice little niche for posts like this! Ok, so to break it down for those who don’t know – check out the wikipedia post on GLEE, visit the main website for deets or (my personal favourite) – check out the Youtube Channel for all the awesome music 🙂

My Favourite Characters: Rachel, Quinn, Santana and Blaine

My Favourite Songs: We Are Young, Cough Syrup, ABC, Red Solo Cup, I Need to Dance With Somebody, Remember… and many more!


Glee Seasons

Glee Loser

Rachel & Finn

Glee Team

Geek Gadgets for Girls | Must-Have Technology

Girls, I know many of us shy away from the title of ‘geek‘ but it’s something that more and more is becoming a title to show off, rather than to freak out over! With amazing geek focused blogs and websites around (check out Geek Sugar, Girl Geek Dinners and She’s the Geek), it’s all about bringing women into the technology fold, pink or not.

Check out this post from Geek Sugar – all about MUST HAVE gadgets and geeky technology for this month. It’s all about technology, and it’s all about girls. Embrace it!

Geek Sugar Must Haves