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Black & White Trends | Decor Inspiration

Glorious in Black and White. You could be talking about a monocromatic colour-themed house, a gorgeous evening outfit or a pair of to-die-for heels… let’s face it, while black and white can be thought of as stark, logical and unemotional, it’s also exceptionally elegant, crisp and focused.

Today’s post on The Good Girls Guide is all about how you can use Black and White trends as decor inspiration. Using black and white doesn’t mean you conform your living space into something cold = not at all. By bringing in key features, clear bolts of appropriate colour and a variety of textures, a black and white decor palette can look incredibly sophisticated, inviting and even, homey!

Check out the gorgeous inspirational pics below for ideas on how to make a black and white colour theme POP.

A Kitchen in Black and White

A Kitchen in Black and White | source here.

Colourless Collectables

Colourless Collectables | source here.

Stark and Striking

Stark and Striking | source here.

Mono-Chromatic Coloured Bedroom

Mono-Chromatic Coloured Bedroom | source here.

Oversized and Dramatic

Oversized and Dramatic | source here.

Baby, You've Been Framed

Baby, You’ve Been Framed | source here.

A Chandelier of Contrasts

A Chandelier of Contrasts | source here.

Darkness & Light Under the Eaves

Darkness & Light Under the Eaves | source here.