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How to Choose Blinds that Look Good | GUEST POST

Danielle Mcann is a copywriter working with the Melbourne Blind Company. When Danielle’s not writing content she enjoys swimming, shopping and taking her Golden Retriever dogs for a walk 🙂 She has given us a great post on using blinds in your home – something that’s often overlooked when we’re checking out curtains and rods – why not use blinds? From kiddies bedrooms to bathrooms & dining rooms – this is the blind guide 🙂

Blinds are underrated. No beautiful room is complete without windows to connect it to the outside world, and let in natural light, the most beautiful kind of light there is. They can be a real home décor inspiration. The light that is let in or kept out is controlled by blinds or curtains. Curtains and blinds are also the perfect way to add a highlight, or tie the colour scheme together in a room. Here is a list of different kinds of blinds that can be used to different effects within your home.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds might not be the prettiest or most rustic-looking window shades, but they sure are effective at light filtering and heat controlling. They are usually aluminium, and can be matched with other sorts of blind.

Roller Blind

Roller Blind | source Pinterest


Cloth blind, controlled by a pulling system in which clean horizontal folds stack neatly on top of one another. Great for children’s rooms, and you can choose any colour that you want for the cloth covering.

Roman Blind

Roman Blind | source Melbourne Blind Company


Venetians are an old favourite. They can be made from any coloured stained timber, and they still look modern, even when they’re vintage.

Venetian Blind

Venetian Blind | source Enrimur


Sunscreens, or blackout blinds, are really useful in rooms that are prone to a lot of sun, especially if you want to keep cool in summer, they could save you a lot in air conditioning bills!

Sunscreen Blind

Sunscreen Blind | source Melbourne Blind Company


Shutters go beautifully in the kitchen or bathroom, or a country house or a window that looks out onto a garden. They’re iconic of rural France and can be painted any colour. You can adjust them to let light in, or open them all the way.


Shutters | source Hadley Designs

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