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Red, Yellow & Gold – Autumn 2012 Inspiration

While (unbelievably) the weather outside is a balmy 32 degrees, it drops again tomorrow and settles to a more ‘Autumn Ready’ 20 degrees, overcast and drizzle. Now while I’m not a huge fan of boring grey weather (hence never having lived in England), I AM a fan of great wardrobe changes, indoor fires, hot chocolate in the evenings, colourful gumboots and changing colours…

Bring on Autumn I say! To celebrate this often ‘forgotten’ season in South Africa – in Cape Town anyway, we seem to slip from Summer into Winter without noticing – I’ve put together a palate of really pretty Autumn images, some nature, some fashion, some decor -it’s all about being inspired to roll into Autumn, falling leaf style 🙂 (snowboarders will know what I mean)…

So have a super weekend and be inspired this Friday…

Cycling into Autumn

Cycling into Autumn | source Flickr by Ming Chai

Blue Bird Colours

Blue Bird Colours | source Design Seeds

Charcoal & Red

Charcoal & Red | source Urban Outfitters

Falling Leaf

Falling Leaf | source Design Seeds

Childhood in Fall

Childhood in Fall | source Seasonal-Love Tumblr

Journey Through Autumn

Journey Through Autumn | source Design Seeds

Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking | source

Romance in the Mist

Romance in the Mist | source Smashing Magazine