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Yellow & Green DIY Goodness | Something for Home

I’ve been searching for great new ideas on Pinterest and slowly started accumulating a collection of amazing DIY ideas – for some reason, they were all yellow and green! And this is how this little blog post was born…

Since The Good Girls Guide is all about bringing you clever ideas, tips & tricks, I thought that some DIY inspiration before the week kicks off would be a great idea. From magnetic photo frames to inspired Chinese lanterns and a crazy stenciled wooden floor, it’s all things you CAN do yourself (or with a man lending a hand on some of the heavier tasks!)

Hope you all had a great Sunday and all the best for the week…keep these ideas for next weekend!

Magnetic Photo Frames

Magnetic Photo Frames | source here.

Grow Your Herbs on the Wall

Grow Your Herbs on the Wall | source here.

Paper & Buttons Flower

Paper & Buttons Flower | source here.

DIY Rustic Headboard

DIY Rustic Headboard | source here.

Stencilled Wooden Floor

Stencilled Wooden Floor | source here.

White-wood Chinese Lanterns

White-wood Chinese Lanterns | source here.

Material Flowers on Cushions

Material Flowers on Cushions | source here.