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Decorative Mirrors & Design | GUEST POST – dulles glass & mirror

Today I’m introducing Guest Blogger* Shahab Shokouhi from Dulles Glass and Mirror ,  a Virginia US based company that produces gorgeous and glamorous mirror & glass products. With a passion for the latest designs, inspirations and styles in glasswear, he has has delivered a fantastic post on Mirror Trends for 2012 – some creative, attractive and innovative styles that can be achieved not only with new mirrored products, but with a good handiness for DIY.  Read on!

There are many new trendy mirror items on the market. Some expensive, some affordable, but many of which you may not even know existed. Whether you’re going antiqued, floor, wall, side table, or river, mirrored furniture and designer mirrors are a great way to redecorate a room.

They are so versatile, they’re easy to hang, and are a perfect way to show off other design cues, be it simply the light from a window, a cactus, a designer rug, and other decorative displays. In this post we look at five of the more trendy mirrors and mirrored furniture of 2012.

Flow Mirror Flow

If you’re looking for a natural mirror look, there are designer River Mirrors. River Mirrors are created by UK artist and designer Caryn Moberly, and no two are alike. They are created by using burred elm wood. The wood gives off a natural, river bank look, with the mirror resembling water flowing in between. These very unique and limited designer mirrors are not something you will find at your local IKEA, and have to be shipped from the UK.

Flow Mirror Flow | source River Mirrors

Functional & Facetted

Why not go for the function of a table, with the angular style of this faceted mirror side table? The mirrors refract light, lightening up the room while being trendy and fairly affordable. This mirrored table ships for $160.

Functional & Facetted | source West Elm

Mirrored Cabinets

If you want to store your table linens and dinner wear with style and grace, this antique mirrored cabinet will do the trick. The art-deco inspired cupboard facade is the perfect way to get reflective. This designer did the cabinet justice, by placing a unique designer rug in front of the reflective facing.

Mirrored Cabinets | source West Elm

Antique Tiled Mirror

If you want a large mirror to check yourself out in, this antique tiled floor mirror is the way to go. It can be mounted or leaned against a wall. By placing it across from a window, it acts as having a second window in one’s room, reflecting natural light making the room appear brighter and even more spacious.

Antique Tiled Mirror | source West Elm

Tiled Wall Mirrors

If you’re someone that likes to redecorate using the same items, the versatility of these wall mirrors are for you. The perfect size to hang on your wall, lean on top of a dresser, or to use as a floor mirror. And both horizontally and vertically look just as beautiful.

Tiled Wall Mirrors | source West Elm

About the Author

Shahab Shokouhi is a writer at Dulles Glass and Mirror — a manufacturer of commercial and residential glass products including tempered glass, replacement glass, and shower doors.

* I love guest posts! If you would like to share your knowledge or expertise on any design, decor, fashion or style trends, please email me on theggguide[at] All posts and included links undergo a review before publishing.

For the Love of Furniture Refurbishment – DIY Inspiration

My mom has always inspired me with her creativity, refurbishment ideas and ability to turn something pretty average into something quite amazing! Recently she redid our entire kitchen – by building three stand-alone kitchen cabinets that look out of this world amazing. Picture vintage cream and green cupboards, worn-look furniture, slate grey tiles and lots of character 🙂

My husband and I have been inspired to bring on the DIY vibe into our own home – building an entire wall cabinet/bookshelf that now houses our entire book & CD & DVD collection as well as a brand-spanking new flat screen – the joy of my husband particularly when he can watch rugby games in hi-def! Plus we also refurbished an old chest of drawers from yellow pine into a cream and dark topped set with crystal handles – looks awesome!

SO, today’s post on The Good Girls Guide is all about furniture refurbishment – turning average into amazing, being bold with colours, ideas and textures and really puting effort into creating something that is entirely authentic, original and your own. Be inspired and be sure to share you DIY tips or inspirations 🙂

Refurbished Vintage Chair

Refurbished Vintage Chair | source here.

1970s Cabinet Redone

1970s Cabinet Redone | source here.

Brand New Door Knob

Brand New Door Knob | source here.

Refurbished Window Frame into Art

Refurbished Window Frame into Art | source here.

Cute Blue Cabinet

Cute Blue Cabinet | source here.

New Look Caravan/Trailer

New Look Caravan/Trailer | source here.

Wooden Stairs Redone

Wooden Stairs Redone | source here.

Pink-Legged Rustic Chair

Pink-Legged Rustic Chair | source here.

I Love You! Wardrobe Makeover

I Love You! Wardrobe Makeover | source here.

The Original Russian Doll Redone

The Original Russian Doll Redone | source here.