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I Left my Heart in Paris | French-Inspired Moodboard

I’ve been to Paris once. Just 2 magical days at the age of 17… I was on a school-age group doing a contiki type tour through Europe (thanks to our wonderful parents for sending us off to experience the world!), and one of our last stops before London was Paris.

The Champs Elysses, the Arc De Triomphe, the Artist’s Quarter, MontMartre, and of course…the Eifel Tower. We lay underneath and gazed upwards, overindulged on chocolate crepes while goggling at the quick strokes of artists pens, ran through the streets at midnight just to get a glance at the Glass Pyramid of the Louvre and woke groggy eyed to visit EuroDisney

Memorable, beautiful and always passionate, Paris is a city that sticks in your mind – the food, the fashion, the flavour, the language – it’s just an incredible city. Bring a little taste of Paris into your own life, your wardrobe or your home with some classic French-flair – check out The Good Girls Guide’s moodboard for ideas 🙂

I Left my Heart in ParisI Left My Heart in Paris Again

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