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Ankle Boots to Love this Winter

For many years, I thought ankle boots belonged to old biddies doing their Saturday morning grocery shopping, or middle aged working women who tended to wear them with long (but not long enough) skirts with knee-highs. Clunky, with thick heavy soles and unattractive heels, ankle boots were a NO NO. In caps.

But now, take one look up a busy street and you’ll see women of all ages, races, sizes and ages wearing ANKLE BOOTS. And these are sexy. In a variety of colours & textures. Pointed, stillettoed, capped and cowboyed. Ruffles, tassels, zips & buttons. Studs & leather. “I LIKE”. The clear emphasis is on showing them off, although they do look good when worn under a good pair of jeans. I’ve found that leggings with a jersey dress or similar works really well with ankle boots, as do black tights with tailored shorts. I eventually found my pair at a place in Wynberg for a bargain (I’m not saying they will last me forever, but since I already have a pair of expensive leather riding boots, I decided I could skimp on these for the season).

I’ve found some really stunning pairs here, all pulled off fashion or retail websites, some off pinterest. Quite a few of them I’d probably be a bit hesitant to wear because the heels are rather intimidating, but they just look so good! Anyway, enjoy the fashion candy ladies. Good girls look good in Good Boots.

shoe1 shoe2 shoe3 shoe4shoe7 shoe6 shoe5 shoe8

boot 1 | boot 2 | boot 3 | boot 4 | boot 5 | boot 6 | boot 7 | boot 8


Summer Trends for 2012 – A Saturday Moodboard

Haven’t done a moodboard in ages, but since I was inspired to go shopping last night after work and managed to come home with a few choice new items, I thought I’d spring a moodboard on the blog this morning – all in celebration of Summer 2012’s FABULOUS fashion, makeup & hair trends…

Think Neon, Pastel & Prints, top colours are mint, teal, green, coral & pink, dipped hair is in, brights are good to go, makeup is fresh & colourful, jewellery is big, glittery and bright... enjoy!

Summer 2012 Trend Moodboard

Summer 2012 Trend Moodboard | all images from Pinterest