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Shoes You’ll Probably Never Wear | Gawk Time!

When I see celebrities parading around in sky-high jawbreaker heels, I’m just amazed that they can walk (and talk, baring the fact that they are concentrating so hard on not falling over) in them! But then again, those are just normal (and heavily priced) Christian Louboutins, not like the skyscraper shoes I’m showing off today!

The Good Girls Guide brings you a classic Gawker post: Shoes You’ll Never Wear! Don’t gasp or say, ‘of course I’ll wear them!’, before looking at these incredible pieces of shoeart – because that’s what they are. It’s a fun look at how fashion and trends sometimes go overboard and are incredibly unrealistic, even when they’re pretty.

So here we go – crazy shoes to gawk at!

Black Feathered Stilettos

Black Feathered Stilettos | source here.

Mirror-Ball Heels

Mirror-Ball Heels | source here.

Super Sonic Lumo Heels

Super Sonic Lumo Heels | source here.

Unique Stilleto Heel

Unique Stiletto Heel | source here.

Dangerous Ballet Shoes

Dangerous Ballet Pumps| source here.

Smokin-Hot Red Soles

Smokin-Hot Red Soles | source here.

Baby Black Booties

Baby Black Booties | source here.

Rhinestones & Studded Glory Shoes

Rhinestones & Studded Glory Shoes | source here.