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Pop Culture Britannia – It’s the Diamond Jubilee!

So it was celebration galore this weekend in the UK and pretty much throughout the Commonwealth as Queen Elizabeth II celebrated 60 years on the throne. Many people feel that a royal family is no longer needed in today’s society, but you know what – I personally feel that a royal family (whether constitutional or merely ceremonial) tends to give hope to the nation.

I remember how caught up everyone was in the Royal Wedding last year when Kate (a regular girl) married Prince William – the romance, the glamour, the outfits! People LOVE the royals, and events like these are ways of making a nation or nations of people take time out from their humdrum schedules and dream a little...

Anyway I’ve put together a Britannia and Diamonds pinboard on Pinterest – you’re welcome to check it out and share with friends or on Facebook. So today’s post is really about the immense popularity of the Britannia image, the Union Jack, the red, white & blue. The Queen and her royal household have permeated into pop culture, society, pop art and more – this post is for all things British!

Celebrating the Diamond Jubileea

Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee | source Easy Art

Jubilee Britannia

Jubilee Britannia | source Pinterest

Britannia Pop Culture

Britannia Pop Culture | source Wayne Tippets

Black and White Double Decker

Black and White Double Decker | source Steelway Photostream Flickr

Britannia Fashion Culture

Britannia Fashion Culture | source Next Direct

Gorgeous British Glam

Gorgeous British Glam | source sameoldstyleslightlynewtake

Refurbished Union Jack

Refurbished Union Jack | source

Jacks in the Street - Urban Britannia

Jacks in the Street – Urban Britannia | source Apartment Therapy