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Dramatic Dresses | Ballgowns & Cocktails

Goodness I love dramatic dresses! I once did a shoot up at my university for a close friend of mine, and got to wear a super dramatic black satin dress, the skirt the widest I’ve ever seen, a train and all. I felt so empowered (it’s funny how something that gorgeous can do that for you!) It’s worth having a dress up party just to put one on.

Dramatic in Black

Dramatic in Black | source here.

Today’s inspirational post on The Good Girls Guide is all about the drama, the passion, the power that emanates from a gorgeous and dramatic dress. Be it red and flirtatious, pink and bubblegum pop, cream and stylish or frilly and fun – let it be dramatic! Maybe you’re looking for bridal gown inspiration, or scrounging around for ideas for that next Masquerade Ball dress up event – well, here you go. Enjoy!

A Pop of Pink

A Pop of Pink | source here.

Looking Lovely in Lavender

Looking Lovely in Lavender | source here.

A Cloud of Blossoms

A Cloud of Blossoms | source here.

A Splash of Red

A Splash of Red | source here.

Poised in White Petals

Poised in White Petals | source here.

A Splatter of Red Polkadots

A Splatter of Red Polkadots | source here.

Gorgeous Flapper in Cream

Gorgeous Flapper in Cream | source here.

Juliet in Shades of Grey

Juliet in Shades of Grey | source here.