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Today I’m introducing guest blogger* Carmen Brettel, who manages and writes for a student loan website helping students find funding for their studies in all different spheres. In her spare time she loves gardening and volunteering at animal shelters, and is sharing with The Good Girls Guide today a very cool DIY post!  Wooden pallets can be used indoors and outdoors in the garden, and are some of the most versatile items out there. From swings to bookshelves, pot holders to benches, check out these great 10 ideas of what you can do with wooden pallets:

Wooden pallets are most often used to transport construction materials, especially landscaping materials like sod, mulch and brick. They’re also used for transporting freight. They often end up piled next to dumpsters behind retail outlets and home improvement stores. However, with the increasing interest in repurposing goods that might otherwise have wound up in the trash, wooden pallets have now become the focus of many DIY projects for your home and garden!

With wooden pallets being so readily available, you can easily make yourself some stylish furniture for almost no money. Here are 10 awesome DIY projects you can make from upcycled wooden pallets to get your creative juices flowing:


Pallet Swing| source 1001 Pallets


Pallet Headboard | Source Home by Heidi


Pallet Bookcase | source Ana White


Pallet Floor | source 1001 pallets


Pallet Bench | source Pinterest


Pallet Garden | source Life on the Balcony


Pallet Bookshelves | source Vi.Sualise.Us


Pallet Room Divider | source If I weren’t so lazy


Pallet Lounge Chair | Source 1001 Pallets


Pallet House | source I Beam Design

There are dozens of projects that you can create out of recycled pallets, limited only by your imagination. You can source the pallets for free, then all you need is a little paint, some sandpaper, some hardware, and some man hours. When you’re done, you will have unique and inexpensive pieces of furniture that will show off your personality and sense of style.

Have you seen any other unique project ideas for upcycling pallets? Share them in the comments!

Carmen Brettel is a writer and manager for

* I love guest posts! If you would like to share your knowledge or expertise on any design, decor, fashion or style trends, please email me on theggguide[at] All posts and included links undergo a review before publishing.

Comments on: "10 DIY Projects from Upcycled Wooden Pallets | Monday DIY Ideas" (3)

  1. […] 10 DIY Projects from Upcycled Wooden Pallets | Monday DIY Ideas […]

  2. […] 10 DIY Projects from Upcycled Wooden Pallets | Monday DIY Ideas […]

  3. That’s awesome! I super love the swing pallet! 🙂 It’s very nice.

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