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Whenever I have a long day, I like to unwind with a bit of pinning – really one of the MOST therapeutic exercises I know. And the other day was one of those. Imagine my delight when I came across a whole lot of gorgeous shoes pinned by someone I follow; that just did me in!

I ended up scouring Pinterest and the web for some gorge shoes to share with you – really, I probably wouldn’t wear most of these (I find extraordinarily tall heels a bit hard to walk in, and since I am 5.8, I am then touching the ceiling) but I do find trying on massively tall heels at Mr Price rather fun 🙂

Anyway here’s a selection of fun, crazy, glittery, sparkly shoes, heels & pumps to share – feast your eyes!

Sparkle Pumps for Fun!

Sparkle Pumps for Fun! | source babydeath.tumblr

Blue Glitter Heels

Blue Glitter Heels | source

Suede Baby, Suede

Suede Baby, Suede | source

Peacock Peacock

Peacock Peacock | source

Zig Zag Clogs

Zig Zag Clogs | source

Cute Black Booties

Cute Black Booties | source

Naartjie Glitter Heels

Naartjie Glitter Heels | source

Leopard Roar

Leopard Roar | source

Louboutins in Style

Louboutins in Style | source Shoe Tease

Denim Delish

Denim Delish | source Asian Scent

BabyDoll in Neon

BabyDoll in Neon | source Hawaii Kawaii

Mint Ice Cream

Mint Ice Cream | source Pinterest

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