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If you’ve got kids, a ‘white’ house is perhaps not the best decor solution, but it can certainly pervade to areas in your home like your bedroom, bathroom and formal lounge – if you have one!

But if you’re a decoraholic, even having kids won’t prevent you having a white home if you so desperately want one! There’s something about the crispness and lightness of ‘all-white’  decor, from the floors to ceiling boards, couches to cupboards, carpets to curtains…

What I love about an all white house is the versatility of colour. A pop of pink and candycane will make a little girls room sweet and colourful, while some Vintage prints add a whole different touch. Swap and change out with pillows on the couches, colourful vases on the shelves and a gorgeous art deco lamp on the counter.

With ‘all white’ you can be ‘all creative’! 🙂

White Lake House

White Lake House | source Aubrey Road

White Corridor Impression

White Corridor Impression | source Pinterest

White Bedroom & Fireplace
White Bedroom & Fireplace | source

White Laundry room

White Laundry Room | source

White Girly Lounge

White Girly Lounge | source

White Lounge & BookCase

White Lounge & BookCase | source Ehomee

White House French Inspired

White House French Inspired | source Delight By Design

Crisp & Clean White House

Crisp & Clean White House | source Design Love Fest


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