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I’ve always LOVED country kitchens! My favourite bits are the centre islands, hanging brassware, fresh cut flowers, white-washed wooden cupboards and vintage additions like old kettles or tins or plates… I would love to be able to have a kitchen like that someday!

If you’re thinking of country styling your kitchen, remember the following: it doesn’t have to be super neat, a little bit of ‘artfully misplaced’ items add to the overall effect; a vase of fresh flowers always wins; source vintage items from second hand shops to add to your upper most shelves as decor (think china plates, brass tourines etc); make sure there’s an element of wood – whether white washed, natural or crisply painted a white or bright colour.

Check out these awesome inspirational ideas to make your kitchen more ‘country‘:

Natural Stone Walled Kitchen

Natural Stone Walled Kitchen | source Elle Decor

Classic Center Island Kitchen

Classic Center Island Kitchen | source Pinterest

Cosy Country Kitchen

Cosy Country Kitchen | source Pinterest

French-Inspired Cream Kitchen

French-Inspired Cream Kitchen | source Country Living

Light & Airy Country Kitchen

Light & Airy Country Kitchen | source Pinterest

At Home in the Country

At Home in the Country | source Pinterest

Romantic Country Kitchen

Romantic Country Kitchen | source

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