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Christmas DIY Decor Ideas

I love the fun around Christmastime… the pretty decorations always inspire me to ‘do my own house’…but so many times it never happens – it’s just some tinsel, a play-play tree, and a disco ball strung up! I love seeing the home stores showoff their stunning Christmas decor and settings, makes me want my own huge dining room so I can decorate the table…one day!

Anyway, for those like me who simply cannot spent fortunes on Christmas decor, I’ve hunted around for some cool DIY ideas to get inspired this Christmas – check out these cool tips on creating your own budget-conscious decorations 🙂

Spray-painted Pine Cones

Spray-painted Pine Cones | source here.

Heart Christmas Wreath

Heart Christmas Wreath | source here.

Wooden Christmas Angel

Wooden Christmas Angel | source here.

Creative Wrapping Paper

Creative Wrapping Paper | source here

Paper-covered Tree Decorations

Paper-covered Tree Decorations | source here.

Silver & Green Mantle piece Decor

Silver & Green Mantle piece Decor | source here.

Cute Staircase Decor

Cute Staircase Decor | source here.


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