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Goodness I love dramatic dresses! I once did a shoot up at my university for a close friend of mine, and got to wear a super dramatic black satin dress, the skirt the widest I’ve ever seen, a train and all. I felt so empowered (it’s funny how something that gorgeous can do that for you!) It’s worth having a dress up party just to put one on.

Dramatic in Black

Dramatic in Black | source here.

Today’s inspirational post on The Good Girls Guide is all about the drama, the passion, the power that emanates from a gorgeous and dramatic dress. Be it red and flirtatious, pink and bubblegum pop, cream and stylish or frilly and fun – let it be dramatic! Maybe you’re looking for bridal gown inspiration, or scrounging around for ideas for that next Masquerade Ball dress up event – well, here you go. Enjoy!

A Pop of Pink

A Pop of Pink | source here.

Looking Lovely in Lavender

Looking Lovely in Lavender | source here.

A Cloud of Blossoms

A Cloud of Blossoms | source here.

A Splash of Red

A Splash of Red | source here.

Poised in White Petals

Poised in White Petals | source here.

A Splatter of Red Polkadots

A Splatter of Red Polkadots | source here.

Gorgeous Flapper in Cream

Gorgeous Flapper in Cream | source here.

Juliet in Shades of Grey

Juliet in Shades of Grey | source here.


Comments on: "Dramatic Dresses | Ballgowns & Cocktails" (3)

  1. Totally swooning over here. These are all definitely very dramatic and beautiful! Now you make me want to go buy something new for an anniversary party we have coming up!

  2. I love dresses you can twirl in! Tulle and lace are my favorites!

  3. Thanks girls for the lovely comments! @Leslie – get something gorgeous, you deserve it!


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