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So many times, we strive and strive to be happy, to be successful and to feel fulfilled…but we are often let down by people, by situations or circumstances, by our own (or others) limitations and very often just by disbelief.

I’ve found that running after things or people or expected outcomes can very often lead to disappointment and the very opposite of happiness. Not always, sometimes a situation can knock your socks off with the way it turned out and the smile on your dial lasts longer than you thought it would. But very often we lean on the wrong things for fulfilment and happiness.

Today’s Friday post from The Good Girls Guide is not a lecture on how to find happiness, but rather it’s a suggestion that sometimes deep within ourselves we have the true key to happiness, and it will never be found chasing after unatainable things. For me, it’s God – He gets me through pretty much everything, even when I’m scraping the barrel of yuck. I know that deep within me He’s given me the tools to be happy, but the key to it all is not to try too hard.

Sometimes it reallyis  just an icecream on the pier.


Comments on: "You Can’t Buy Happiness…| Friday Thought" (1)

  1. So true, had a ice cream dinner last night and it was goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

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