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Since it’s Friday, The Good Girls Guide thought it would be a good idea to inspire your makeup regime so you can focus on looking glam and gorgeous this weekend, rather than on being boring and same old same old…because no one like ‘second-hand-makeup-face’!

The key for me, has always been about THE EYES! Of course, dramatic eyes is not everyone’s scene, some prefer bold lipstick or well-applied foundation and blush, but there’s nothing that can touch the artistic ability and creativity of amazing eye makeup.

Whether it’s liquid liner in electric blue, bejewelled false eyelashes, or a combination of bright coloured eyeshadows – eye makeup is just gorgeous. But remember, to stand out from the crowd doesn’t necessarily require bright colours and crazy textures. You can easily get an incredible natural look through proper blending, the right mascara and complimentary face makeup. So without further ado – check out our Weekend Makeup Inspiration for Dramatic Eyes:

Accessorize in Colour

Accessorize in Colour | source here.

60s in the Nude

60s in the Nude | source here.

Dramatic Amazon Eyes

Dramatic Amazon Eyes | source here.

Open & Closed

Open & Closed | source here.

Into the Distance

Into the Distance | source here.

Bright Eyes & Bold Lashes

Bright Eyes & Bold Lashes | source here.


Comments on: "Dramatic Eyes to Wow & Amaze | Makeup Inspiration" (2)

  1. Oh, you got me with this post. These makeup jobs are amazing! I wish I had somewhere nice to go right now so I could try these! lol. Thanks for visiting me on my SITS Day. You have a beautiful blog!

  2. Thanks so much for the great comment 🙂 Loving all the new blogs I’ve found through SITS. Have you got a Pinterest account? Recommended to browse beautiful makeup ideas and more 🙂

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