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Close your eyes and imagine: a spacious, walk-in closet with display for your hundreds of shoes, and colour coded hanging space, all framed with a gorgeous dressing table and twinkle-lit mirror.

And pop goes the dream. Quite frankly, my cupboard is shared with my husband; yes we have our own side, but still! It gets cramped, messy and quite often I find his socks with my underwear, or my coat with his rugby jackets. Not ideal.

The Good Girls Guide has uncovered some beau (meaning: simply marvelous, clever & beautiful) ideas on how to prettily display your gorgeous clothes, shoes, bags and more – but still keeping it neat, under wraps and of course – easily accessible.

So while you may have to settle for a refurbished vintage wardrobe (although I wouldn’t even call that settling, it sounds bloody damn amazing) and keep your walk-in closet for your big-time dreams one day, it does mean you can do it in style and be the envy of all your girls.

Time to turn Messy into Pretty with clever clothing storage ideas:

Vintage Closet with Clear Glass

Vintage Wardrobe with Glass Doors | source here.

Pink Hanging Space

Pink Hanging Space | source here.

Floor Borders as Shoe Hooks

Floor Borders as Shoe Hooks | source here.

Frame Your Jewelry

Frame Your Jewelry | source here.

Display your Shoes on Shelves

Display your Shoes on Shelves | source here.

Optimise Your Storage Space

Optimise Your Storage Space | source here.

Accessible Shoe Bags

Accessible Shoe Bags | source here.

Comments on: "Amazing Clothes Storage Ideas | Turn Messy into Pretty" (2)

  1. These are some very elegant and beautiful storage solutions. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the comment Amber 🙂 x

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