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Our bedrooms, our boudoirs, our place of safety, our place of refuge…yes the bedroom, whether it’s all yours or if you share it, needs to be a place we can disappear to at the end of the day and feel home.

Many tips and tricks can make your bedrooms better than just an average space, so if that’s with a coat of paint, a special feature, a unique bed or quirky decor – it’s really just about reflecting who you are and making it all about you!

The Good Girls Guide has found a few innovative ways in which you can make your bedroom your own, check out our choices for The Great Bedroom Idea Award, and tell us which you think works, doesn’t work, or would like to try out…

Creative Four Poster Magic | source here.

> use home made four posters (here – branches), adorn them with twinkle lights, and wah-la, a beautiful, romantic space on a shoestring budget <

Drop the Ceiling

Lower that High Ceiling with a Chandelier | source here.

> bring down the height of your bedroom ceiling with a low-hanging chandelier or two. It creates a great focal point and prevents people from looking up too high <

Create a Dark Feature Wall | source here.

> innovative use of a dark colour paint on just one wall in your bedroom (behind the bed is good) creates a dramatic feature point, anchoring your main furniture and also offering options to match colours throughout <

Clever Design for a Small Space | source here.

> making the most out of a small space or odd space is often tough – here a bed, couch and desk area compliment each other and the small space is hardly noticeable <

Pop a Wall with a Photo Collage | source here.

> decorate a plain wall with a detailed feature: here a collection of similarly framed photos. This makes a larger room more intimate and is a great way of displaying photographs or memories <

Create a Soft Space with a Brick Backdrop | source here.

> bedrooms don’t have to conform to smooth painted walls. brickwork, stonework and even wood-plastered walls can be effective, dramatic and create a unique atmosphere <

Go Retro with a Warehouse Feel | source here.

> using smooth cement floors, a low-lying futon and a minimal use of other furniture, means you can create an artistic warehouse space, without the space being massive. Great for converted bedrooms or rooms that are oddly designed or built <

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