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Many of us are workaholics, either staying long hours at the office, working on the weekends or typing furiously in between making dinner.

Really? Not ideal.

To make your workspace better, you need to organise. I’m a great believer in organised chaos, although the chaos can be contained quite easily on a pin board or white board for stressed-out scribbles (we’ve all done it, right?!).

I’ve pulled together some fairly simple DIY desk organisation ideas – whether that’s putting your crazed inspiration in one place (ie: a board above your computer), tidying your desk (like the innovative plug idea) or simply making your drawers navigable.

A tidy desk = a relaxed mind with potential to innovate, excite and perform the best it can 🙂

Happy organising!


Computer Tidy Tray | source here.

PVC Pipe Desk Organiser | source here.

Organise Your Holiday Activities on a pin board | source here.

Wire-free Sorting | source here.

Organised Desk Drawer | source here.

Clever Daily Sorting | source here.

Have you got any great DIY ideas or tips you’d like to share? Comment below or if your idea is bigger than a sentence or two, contact The Good Girls Guide to feature your idea on the blog 🙂


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